Dance for all.

Welcome to Move and Groove Dance!

We cultivate connection, joy and creativity through free-flowing movement and dance.

Move and Groove offers creative dance classes and workshops designed for adults and children using play, sensations, full-body awareness and mental imagery to strengthen and awaken your muscles and mind.

From absolute beginners who want to get moving to those wanting to dance for a reason, professional artists Renata and Natasha create an inclusive and accessible environment for the community that is fun, playful and uplifting.

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Workshops / Classes

For Kids

Creative Dance

Started 14th Feb / Spots Available


Gentle Groove

60 Minutes / Spots Available

Blue Mountains

Gentle Groove

60 Minutes / Spots Available

Two women looking towards the right with arms also to the right. Natasha, the one on the left has short dark brown hair, wearing a green tshirt smiling. Renata wearing a oversized white tshirt also smiling.

Hello there! We're Renata and Natasha, passionate about the transformative power of dance.

Our journey led us to discover the importance of self-care through dance for our well-being. Move and Groove was born from our desire to share this incredible feeling and explore the positive impact of self-expression on physical, mental and emotional health within our local communities. Join us in the joy of movement!

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Interested in learning more about Renata and Move and Groove? Contact us! Are you ready to sign up for classes, or just have a burning desire for movement? Get in touch today! I would love to connect.

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