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Move and Groove offers inclusive dance and movement experiences that delve into the freedom, fluidity, and fun this art form brings. Through easy guidance and grooving to fantastic tunes, we aim to free the mind, extend the body, and reconnect with our inner dancer.

Our classes and workshops are engaging and effective beyond the physical benefits, they are designed with inclusivity, creativity, and accessibility in mind to provide a judgement-free space for holistic wellbeing. Join us to move and explore a new world of motion and emotion, allowing yourself to get to know your authentic self in a whole new way.

“Dance, to me, is a means of connecting with our authentic selves, transcending the need for words. It opens a direct path to joy and is a language for expressing the unspoken. As a teaching artist, my focus is to share my love for dance, firmly believing that everyone can participate” – Renata

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Renata's Story

Founder and Teaching Artist

Bridging Worlds Through Movement and Inclusion

Renata, a highly experienced dance artist with over 15 years of professional background, possesses a diverse dance education, including a Bachelor of Dance from Heinz Bosl Stiftung in Germany. After successful stints as a soloist in prestigious dance companies across Europe and North America, she returned to Sydney in 2018. Renata expanded her pursuits by obtaining a Bachelor of Social Work from Western Sydney University and actively engages in social issues through movement and theatre workshops for various programs. As a teaching artist at the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Dance Company, Renata’s diverse involvement led to the creation of Move & Groove, reflecting her dedication to community development and social inclusion.

Her extensive dance background involves collaborations with various choreographers and exploration of classical and contemporary dance techniques, shaping her teaching style. Renata’s commitment to using dance as a powerful tool for connection and personal growth is evident in her work. She passionately guides dancers of all ages, making dance inclusive, accessible, and meaningful to people from various backgrounds.

Natasha's Story

Dancing Across Boundaries

Co-founder and Teaching Artist

Natasha’s dance journey began in her hometown in Northern Italy, where she learned traditional ballet, contemporary, and modern dance. Her exploration of dance took a profound turn during her studies at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Dance and Music in the UK, where she discovered Community Dance as a means of inclusively sharing the joy of dance across diverse backgrounds. Specializing in Choreological Studies and dance teaching, particularly in contemporary and creative dance, Natasha embraces a dynamic and playful approach to guide dancers of all ages and abilities on imaginative and organic journeys through storytelling in dance.

Over the past 15 years, Natasha has engaged with dancers from various walks of life in community settings, serving as a Dance for Parkinson’s teaching artist and a tutor for inclusive programs in Sydney, Canberra, and other locations. Collaborating with Move and Groove, Natasha continues to deepen her knowledge, applying her movement practice in a multidisciplinary way. Her aim is to foster a sense of belonging, collective creation, and holistic well-being, broadening individuals’ potentials through dance.

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