Connection and Community through the art of inclusive dance

As community dance artists there is nothing more heart-warming than seeing your ideas come to life through dance and movement that creates special connections between people!

We Create! Is an intergenerational project of dance and music that embraces our dream while children, their carers, parents, grandparents, uncle and aunties connect through the joy of movement, creating something unique together…The adventure that dancers undertake, is there for them to enjoy with their own interpretation and as far as ‘the sky’s the limit’ with their imagination.

In 2022 supported by the Inner West Council and most recently (January/February 2023) during the residency at ReadyMade Works in Ultimo, we had the opportunity to research and share our passion for dance with local families and create memorable memories. We take the collaborating artists on a story that acknowledges the ancestors of the land, and embark on a journey to explore, learn and celebrate the magic of the natural world.

We Create! brings all this together to the bold ones that dare to let go, trust and join in the storytelling, movement inspirations and connections immersed in the beautiful live music of the Tiptoe Giants. The space is safely held for everyone to allow free flow of self-expression, authenticity and acceptance, blissfulness and joy that unleashes ultimate wellbeing…Who wouldn’t like to experience that?!

With these core values at heart, we thrive to offer communities an accessible platform to be curious of making the art of dance part of their lives, to feel that everyone belongs, as individuality is celebrated within the collective experience of moving and being moved together.

Hope we will cross paths again and dance together soon!

Yours in dance,
Renata and Natasha

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